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Community Solar Power Program

What is community solar power plant:
Community solar power program locally known in several parts of the world. It’s an energy-producing device, which is especially popular in the United States. The point is that the solar power plant we want to create is financed by the community, or in the solar power plant that has been built, the future members could buy shares. The participants of the financing will use the produced energy for their own or get a share from the energy sales.

The solar power plant, as an environmentally friendly alternative energy producing tool in several respects, solution for the future and is becoming more and more widespread in the world. With SunMoney Community Solar Power Program for small investors also you have the option to acquire part ownership and other investors involved you are entitled to a continuous real passive income producing real network commissions.

The SunMoney Solar GmbH (registered company in the Federal Republic of Germany) could build electricity producing solar power plants on the other parts of the world, which are involved in the community solar power program under the brand name SunMoney.

After the solar power plants has been built, licensing completes successfully and electricity producing has been started, the built-in solar panels  will be sold for a growing community.

SunMoney leases back the solar panels purchased by the members and operates them. After the purchased solar panels SunMoney pays rent for 25 years to the members in proportion to the energy produced (see more detailed information in the compensation plan).

The producing company gives guarantee for 25 years for the photovoltaic solar panels in SunMoney community solar power program, that is why the biggest risk factor for the participants is that the sun is shining or not. Probably the sun will shine tomorrow, and the measure of the sunshine and sun extent can be calculated on the basis of objective data.

Those solar panel owners who help the promotion of SunMoney program not only receive income after-owned solar cells by themselves but after the connected people into their network and from their rents, under certain conditions.

Anyone can join the program SunMoney.

The location of solar power plants does not depend on the geographical location of connectors. Key criterion for those involved in SunMoney Community Solar power plant program to all participants in the program of solar electricity production of the money earned from the average of a share in proportion to the same extent. This way we eliminate that disadvantage that regional and other reasons would cause, regarding the different solar power plants performance of revenue generating.

4 pillars of SunMoney

Producing tool

4. generation network marketing

Environmental consciousness

The power of community

Marketable product

Without electricity our lives are unimaginable. One facility for decreasing pollution, is solar energy.

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